Data Science

Azure AI - Chat Bot - Cognitive Computer Vision Service - Image Recognition

Microsoft Healthcare Bot brings conversational AI to healthcare This technology can help you with your health issues utilizing a chat where you can interact with it:       You can try it by yourself:   This video can...

Microsoft Azure Data Bricks - Train and Prepare data in Cloud

Azure Databricks is a workspace where we can build all the development regarding Data Science for data analysis,machine learning services, Python, R scripts.     Databricks Environment Create Azure Databricks in Azure environment.Log into one of your accounts in Azure environment,...

Machine Learning with SQL 2017 and R for Sales Price Predictions

To predict the sales prices, I had set up on my SQL 2017 instance to work with R.   Once SQL had been set up, I could load the data using my Fact table that I have in Data Warehouse.      --// This is the table schema from my Fact...

Machine Learning for .NET

The code in the following snippet demonstrates the simplest ML.NET application. This example constructs a linear regression model to predict house prices using house size and price data. In your real-life applications, your data and model will be much more complex.     using...

Building a speedometer gauge in Tableau

Everyone knows that Tableau does not have a native Gauge, so video in Portuguese explain how to make it possible.   Also, I've included all the steps in English to make your life easier:     Follow all the steps below:   1º - DATA SOURCE    Open Tableau and...

XGBoost Algorithm with R - Train model accuracy validation

This is a good sample how we can use to validate a train model to find the best setup:   Watch this video:

Top 50 ggplot2 Visualizations - The Master List (With Full R Code)

1. Correlation The following plots help to examine how well correlated two variables are. Scatterplot The most frequently used plot for data analysis is undoubtedly the scatterplot. Whenever you want to understand the nature of relationship between two variables, invariably the first choice is the...

R Shiny Server connection with Cassandra on Google Maps

It was a project involving R and Cassandra to represent the customers on Google Maps.   ================================================================ --// Full...

SSRS - Report Mobile SQL 2016 - Sample Layout

This is a Report Mobile SQL 2016  Sample Layout:  

SSRS - Pie charts with Standard Deviation layout and design

It's an example of layout / template created in SSRS:  

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Script SQL

Backup Simples de Múltiplos Datafiles

27/06/2014 16:49
  Este exemplo gera backup em múltiplos arquivos de backup   BACKUP DATABASE [CUSTO] TO   DISK = N'N:\MSSQL2005\BACKUP\CUSTO\CUSTO_1_4.bak', DISK = N'N:\MSSQL2005\BACKUP\CUSTO\CUSTO_2_4.bak', DISK = N'N:\MSSQL2005\BACKUP\CUSTO\CUSTO_3_4.bak', DISK =...

Restore de Múltiplos Datafiles

26/06/2014 19:45
  Este script torna indisponível o banco, realiza o restore de múltiplos datafiles e ativa todos os logins existentes nele.     USE [master] GO ALTER DATABASE [CUSTO_PRE_PROD] SET  RESTRICTED_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE GO   RESTORE DATABASE...

Gere o resultado de uma query em uma linha única separado por string TSQL

20/06/2014 13:59
  Este script mostra como gerar um resultado único separado por "|" pipe, substitua a tabela temporária pela sua tabela de trabalho e referencie a coluna correta:     Query Exemplo (Base): ======================= SELECT      ...

Pesquisar via TSQL ignorando acentuação

17/06/2014 17:07
  Segue exemplo para  pesquisar ignorando acentuação: SELECT nome FROM (select 'Carlão' as Nome) X WHERE nome LIKE 'Carlao%' COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AI    

Verifica os últimos status dos Jobs - SQL Server

16/06/2014 10:54
  Este script é utilizado para informar o último status de execução de um    USE msdb GO /* Consulta que informa o status da ultima execução de cada job Esta deve ser executada diáriamente */ SELECT Name,  CONVERT(DATETIME, MAX(lastrun)) AS [LastRun], CASE...